First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


OK, Yay! One step closer to being able to navigate this blogging activity.  This is a required activity that I am not particularly excited about as I am generally a very private and extremely busy person.  I will be utilizing this activity as required, however since my time is usually consumed it is rare to have a moment to “blog”.

Week 3

Oops, just now getting that the blog title is supposed to be the relevant week we’re on.

I despise failure and therefore is the perfect reason to not get entangled into something that causes it; however I have managed to allow myself to be fully entangled into the deepest menagerie of this reprogramming of ones thoughts to the extent that Nothing is making any sense!

I am

A warrior. A servant. A wife. A mother. A daughter. A teacher. A doctor. A student.

A valuable link in the bridge.

Many are called few are chosen.

I am a chosen one.

Thankful to be alive, to be on this process of making sense of my past, having peace for today, and the anticipation of my bright future tomorrows.

Here goes

Again, lost as ever. The week has blown by with tremendous furor. You know what the problem is here; I have no idea who can see my thoughts here today or who will see them in the future. I have no idea whether or not my thoughts here today can be deleted or if they’ll be forever imprinted into cyber space somewhere!

I have not liked technology like this at the beginning and I still do not like it as I see it to be dangerous in the sense of stealing ones privacy.


Experimenting with this new blogging activity, I am wondering why I can’t modify the title size and appearance so when you see this and wonder why it appears the way it does it’s because either I can’t change it or just haven’t figured it out yet.